Having been a primary teacher for 6 years and been involved in education for nearly a decade, one of the most common questions I get asked is “Can you recommend a book for Billy to read?” Year after year, I trotted out the same titles – many of which I hadn’t read for years or had never read at all.

Last year, enough was enough. Quite frankly I was embarrassed that I was recommending the same titles year after year and not keeping up-to-date with children’s literature. Coupled with some meeting some inspiring teachers, lecturers and others, my passion for children’s literature was awakened. Since then I have been glued to children’s books.

I’ve discovered new authors, read some fantastic (and awful) books and recommended books left, right and centre. The logical way to expand this was to branch out online so as many children as possible can access these books.

– Review a wide selection of books with a focus on books aimed at Key Stage 2 children
– Provide lists of books grouped around certain topics and interests
– Introduce children, parents and teachers to some of the latest books