Review – 1000 Year Old Boy – Ross Welford

This sounds like the best book ever!
Year 6 Student

Ever wanted to live forever? Wondered what it would be like to live endlessly? Welcome to the world of Alfie Monk.

Over a thousand years ago, he became ageless (though not immortal). Since then he has lived with his mother and cat through 1000 years of English history. He has lived through everything from viking invasions to the two world wars – and everything in between. Together they have learnt how to go unnoticed and to cope with an ever changing world, yet Alfie’s world comes crashing down when their cottage burns down.

Without his mum to guide him, Alfie longs to be normal, to age and to eventually die. His only hope is to turn to his new (and only) friends Roxy and Aidan, in order to seek the one thing that will allow him to live a normal life.

I have to say that Ross Welford has hit the spot once again. For those who adored Time Travelling With A Hamster and What Not To Do If You Turn Invisible, you will not be disappointed with this latest offering. Once again, a strong premise allows Welford to craft a story full of emotion. In parts I was almost crying with laughter; in others the tears were of a very different kind.

Back this up with three incredible protagonists and you are in for a treat. The narrative is split between two narratives as told by Aidan and Alfie. You see the story through their eyes and get to know their inner thoughts and feelings. Yet, for me, Roxy steals the show. She is a wonderfully crafted character, who brings the best out of those around her. She is the calming influence, yet the one who ultimately brings about change with a bit of rebellious side.

When I showed the children in my class this book, there was a rush to borrow it. Clearly, it is an idea which grabs your imagination and begs you to read it. If I’m honest, I was a bit worried that it might not live up to my expectations. So often a strong premise, falls flat somewhere along the line. Thankfully, I was wrong!

This is another superb book from one of the most talented children’s authors around. Make sure you find a copy quickly!

For fans of Piers Torday

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Pages: 400 pages
Age Recommendation: 10+
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 9780008256944

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