Review Policy

The aim of this site is to recommend and review books suitable for children in their final years of primary school. Typically these would be middle grade books, with the occasional young adult title I feel may be suitable for more confident readers.

To date, the titles featured are ones I have found in the local library and independent bookshop I use. However, I am willing to be contacted by authors and publishers if they feel there is a book I should consider reading and reviewing.

Every book that I read will be reviewed with honest opinions. At all times I am looking for books to recommend to the children in my class and beyond. If I wouldn’t advise a child to read a book, I will be clear about that. Similarly, if I am blown away by a book, I’ll be recommending to as many children as possible.

Books that I own or have been given are not put to waste after completion. If I recommend a book to a child, I aim to lend them a copy to read. Of course, that isn’t possible with library books but I’ll point them in the right direction.