Review – The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day – Christopher Edge

Science is ‘in’ at the moment. Just look at the success of Big Bang Theory or the growing demand for sci-fi media to prove that. Yet with the explosion of science in the mainstream media, there has until recently been a gap in the children’s fiction market for science-based stories. Step forward Christopher Edge.

“Edge attempts his most daring book yet”

In previous books, Edge has introduced young readers to quantum physics and parallel universes (The Many Worlds Of Albie Bright) and space travel (The Jamie Drake Equation). In his latest novel, Edge attempts his most daring book yet.

Maisie is an academically gifted child who is already studying for a degree by the time of her tenth birthday. The book tells the story of that birthday through a dual narrative. The first presents her birthday as you would expect. The second, however, traps Maisie in an alternative reality. She wakes on her birthday to find an empty house, outside of which is a never-ending darkness. Trapped in this alternative-reality, Maisie uses her knowledge of the laws of physics to try to save herself.

“manages to seamlessly combine a strong narrative with complex science and believable characters”

Being a bit of a science geek, this book was right up my street. Once again, Edge manages to seamlessly combine a strong narrative with complex science and believable characters. This creates a storyline which will hook and intrigue many a reader. Similarly, as with Edge’s other work, there is a strong feeling of family creating an emotional attachment between characters and reader. Inevitably, this will end up pulling on the reader’s heartstrings, especially as the two narratives unravel.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is a book that will appeal to a whole spectrum of audiences. Children will devour it, teachers should use it to inspire young scientists, and I’m about to re-read it!

This review first appeared on ReadingZone who kindly organised a review copy on my behalf.

Age Recommendation: 9+
Pages: 176 pages
Publisher: Nosy Crow Ltd
ISBN: 9781788000291

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