Short Story – The Visitor

The Visitor

A short mysterious, suspense story aimed at children 10 and above.


Outside a storm was raging. Rain hammered down from the sky like an apocalyptic flood. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed, illuminating the Liskeard sky-line. There hadn’t been a night like this since the great storm of 1949.

Francesca woke with a jump. In the darkness, the room seemed have come alive. The howl of the wind outside whistled through the decaying window frame, gently tickling the curtains and making them sway to nature’s tune. Shadows danced around the room. Floorboards creaked.

All of a sudden, there was a quiet knocking on the window next to her bed. Turning her head in terror, Francesca stared open-mouthed at the reflection of a boy about her age. Instinctively, she turned her head to scream, yet no-one was there. It must have been her mind playing tricks again – or was it?

In panic, Francesca began to run out of her room toward her parent’s room. But then she saw something that made her open her mouth to scream, though no sound came out. By her bedroom door was an eerie. The sound of footsteps led from the doorway across towards her bed, where now there lay a body. Francesca could take it no more. Her heart beat out an unfamiliar rhythm. Her breathing quickened. Eventually the scream came.

The house came to life as lights came on across the landing, then footsteps rushed towards her room. Her mother burst in to comfort her wailing child, but Francesca was inconsolable. She just pointed at her empty bed and a patch by the door where once a shadow had lurked.

“Boy. There. Help” The words eventually stuttered out of her mouth. At that moment, her mother’s body tightened and pulled her daughter close. A tear began to roll down her teeth.

“He’s back” she whispered. “Your brother’s back.”

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